Friday Random Quote Blogging…

worldmadebyhandI went for the jug. A stiff pull. It was good whiskey.

"Have a ding-dang seat, you’re making me nervous."

I sat on the ground next to him.

"I love to watch the horses," he said. "You know, all those years back down home, my people were just crazy for the NASCAR. They’d go out to some honking huge oval track at Darlington or Daytona and watch those dadblamed machines go round and round and round, making all that noise. A horrible din. For hours and hours. If I knew how somebody could endure that, I’d die happy. Not to mention calling it recreation! Heck, it’d be more interesting to go out to the freeway overpass and watch traffic. At least the goldurn cars’s go in different directions. Anyway, I’m glad that foolishness is over. The car wrecked the southland. It wrecked Atlanta worse than Sherman ever did. It paved over my Virginia. They made themselves slaves to the car and everything connected with it, and it destroyed them in the end. Well, here’s to the the New South. May it rest in peace.”

He raised his glass and took a good gulp.

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